Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 29, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009.
Britton and I went for one of our usual hikes in Hixon Forest. It was a chilly night and we didn't have much time before it would start to get dark. We took a quick breather at the top of the bluff while watching the beautiful sunset.

Britton turned to me and said he had a gift for me, but that I would have to agree to a few things first. He began to pull his rock climbing rope from his pocket, which had multiple knots in it. Each knot had criteria with it. In order to reach the next knot, I had to agree to the terms of that knot. With the first knot, I had to agree to go fishing. With the second knot, I had to agree to try rock climbing (I'm very afraid of heights, but I agreed). [Knots 3 thru 7 were a blur as I began to cry when I realized what was going to happen!] With the final knot, I had to agree to love him for the rest of my life and "tie the knot" with him. Before I knew it, Britton got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I managed to blurt out YES through my tears. A beautiful engagement ring was strung through a loop at the end of the rope.. I haven't stopped looking at it since!!

Enjoy the few pictures we have.. :) Britton also had beautiful flowers and a letter waiting for me.. It was simply perfect. Let the wedding planning begin... [Lacy]

[Unfortunately, neither of us took a camera on our hike.. Sorry we don't have any pictures from the top of the bluff!]

Flowers, a letter, a wonderful new fiance, and a beautiful engagement ring! [Britton wanted to make sure I admitted to putting my flowers in a Nalgene bottle. I couldn't find a vase.. I thought it was pretty clever ;)]

My fiance!!

He did good! I absolutely love it :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wolf Family Vacation 2009

Wolf Family Vacation, Alexandria, MN, 2009. Britton and I drove from La Crosse, WI to Alexandria, MN (5 hours) for a weekend of fishing, food, family, and fun. [Lacy]

Britton and Lisa fishin on the dock. (My favorite picture, the sunset in the background is beautiful.)

Gavin, Kyra and Carley. By the look on Gavin's face, I think it was chilly.

Gavin was a determined little fisherman.

The DeWitz girls aren't afraid of fish.

Nice one.

Kyra and I hanging out on the dock.

Britton and I. He was fishing, I was watching.

Catching bass off the dock.

We had a family of ducks visiting the dock.

Gavin and I, taking a break from fishing.

My two boyfriends. :)

Nice fish, Stacy!

Can you tell I don't really like to touch fish? Thank goodness for Britton who took all of my fish off the hook. :)

Gavin and Kyra with their fish.

The two newest additions to the Wolf and DeWitz families, Jason and Reagan.

Fishergirl Kyra. I think she caught the most fish.


The dock wasn't big enough for all the fishermen & fisherwoman.

Here comes Gavin with his tacklebox full of plastic worms. He was determined to catch fish with them. I think he realized that real worms work best.

Nice fish, Britton. He was the first one fishing each morning and the last to come off the dock each night.


View from the dock.. the beautiful cabin we stayed at.

Britton is fishing. Imagine that! :)

Friends & Fun

Summer Fun, 2009. Here is a snapshot of what we've been up to this summer. Between weddings, concerts, class trips (Britton visited Colorado and the Apostle Islands in July), & other summer vacation fun.. we hardly had time to relax. And summer flew by, as usual! Enjoy the pictures. [Lacy]
College Roommate, Erin and I
Matt and Ange's Wedding. Erin, Ange and I lived together in Winona.

Meese, Jack's Mannequin, The Fray Concert
Target Center, July 21, 2009
*We drove to Minneapolis and back in one night.

Where's Waldo?

Britton and Drew, @ Nick and Vanessa's Wedding

Triton High School, Class of 2004
Group shot with the bride and groom.

I just loved them.

I desperately wanted to bring him home..
Britton's dog Abby had 4 puppies.

Taking a break from the dance floor :)
Brian and Angie's Wedding

Me, Megan and Becky
I will be attending these ladies' weddings next summer.

College Roomies :) Megan, Heidi, Me
Heidi and Dan's Wedding in Minocqua.

Nick, Britton and Vanessa, high school friends of Britton's

Sadie and I

Britton and Sadie, they survived many PE and Health classes together.

Me and my best friend, Katy

Britton and Katy.

Friends from High School :)
Me, Katie B, Katie K, Jess K, Jess S, Katy D

Summer of Weddings

Tour of Weddings, 2009. We had color-coordination mastered by the end of the summer. It was fun to travel together and get to know each other's friends and their families. I also took alot of notes. ;) Enjoy the pictures of Britton and I. [Lacy]

Matt and Ange's Wedding - August 22, 2009
St Paul, MN

Nick and Vanessa's Wedding - July 18, 2009
Dodge Center, MN

Brian and Angie's Wedding - July 11, 2009
Lakeville, MN

Heidi and Dan's Wedding - July 10, 2009
Minocqua, WI

Matt and Ashley's Wedding - June 27, 2009
Fort Dodge, IA

Sadie and Shane's Wedding - June 20, 2009
La Crosse, WI

Brad and Jess Kallman's Wedding - June 6, 2009
Minneapolis, MN

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome To Our Blog

(A picture from Halloween 2008 to kick things off..)

Recently, Lacy and I were looking at different family member's blogs and decided it could be fun to have one of our own. We feel it would be a good way to keep in touch with everyone and let them know what is going on in our lives. We will do our best to add updates and pictures as they come up.

We have had a very busy summer filled with weddings, trips, work, and school. The two of us spent many weekends going to friends weddings in the Twin Cities, Iowa, La Crosse, Dodge Center, and northern Wisconsin. We were invited to twelve weddings! It was a great way for us to spend time together, meet each other's friends and families, dance, and take notes (Lacy's input into this particular blog!)

We will add pictures shortly....