Saturday, April 23, 2011

Florida for Christmas

We went to Florida for Christmas with the Gram Family.

The boys toughing it out with 30 mph winds and 55 degree weather. It was sunny though!

Mike and Kim taking a time out for a picture.

Trying to stay warm as we wait our turn to mini golf.

These gators were at the mini golf place and were about 3 feet long

Keep your fingers away from the fence.

Freezing as we waited behind the group in front of us. The mini golf course was actually packed for how cold and windy it was.

Catching some rays in the Florida sun.

This big guy was found a few ponds over from where we were. We strolled past him on one of our walks. Kept our distance but made sure to get a picture.

About 5-6 feet long

Being goofy


Here are some pictures of Zoey, she is such a blessing and has grown so fast. She is so much fun and we love having her around.

Super Dog!

She loves to snuggle

She loves car rides. This is after a long weekend on the farm with her playmater Ruby!

She was so tired she couldn't even hold her head up. Being the smart dog she is,

she used Lacy's bag as a holster.

She loves to have people hold her, Lacy's Dad is her favorite!

Sitting pretty on her blanket.

She loves to play in the snow, especially when people are shoveling.

She loves to play in the snow but gets cold very fast.

Trees and Landscaping

We put some trees in for landscaping in November. It was cold and rainy the whole day.

We got 5 trees planted in an afternoon though.

In our back yard along our lot line.

In the front of our house. More landscaping to come this summer (rocks, plants, etc.)

Washing the shovels off after a long, cold day of work.

Halloween Pumpkins

We carve our own pumpkins each Halloween, here they are!

Lacy's on the left, Britton's on the right

Florida Visits

Here are some pictures from our trips to Florida in September for our honeymoon.

Mini Golf at Smugglers Cover

These little guys are all over the place down there!

Mini golfing in September, Lacy won this round.

Fishing in the pond, a daily occurence.