Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A few recent photos of Zoey

Say cheese!


Playing with our neighbors dog, her buddy, Eason.


Our latest landscaping.

We added a couple of arbrivida to our landscaping. Here is one ready to be planted.

A view from the front of our house.

Another view

Easter Weekend

This year we spent our Easter Weekend in La Crosse. Throughout the weekend we spent time doing landscaping, coloring eggs, and had our first Easter dinner in our house.

This is what the front of our house looks like now with the landscaping done. We added a few different kind of spirea to the arbrivida that we planted last fall.

We added barberry to the south side of the house. There will be arbrivida added to this in the near future.

Britton digging a hole for one of the barberry.

Another view from the front

A close-up of our spirea

In the beginning stages of our planting.

Coloring eggs

Part way through the process

Lacy got flowers from her parents.

Giving the eggs a chance to dry out before putting them back in the carton.

Working on coloring the eggs